Free Colored Contacts, Color Contacts Without Prescription

Colored Contact Lenses Can Change Your Look!

The latest fashion craze now doesn’t have to do with clothing or hair. People are changing the color of their eyes with colored contacts. It’s now easier to do than it ever has been before. By following a few, easy steps, you can order colored contacts and even get a few pairs for free.

Contact Lenses Without a Prescription?

Are Non Prescription Colored Contacts Available?

People who have not worn contact lenses or even colored ones are wondering if they can get colored contacts without prescription. Yes, you can get colored contacts that are non corrective. These are called cosmetic contacts and can be worn by men or women. In order to place your order or even get in on a colored contacts free trial, you will need to go see an optometrist and get a prescription.

Free Colored Contacts With No Prescription

The reason for this is that contact lenses are considered to be medical devices, by law. Any place that will allow you to get colored contacts without a prescription is actually breaking the law and it’s illegal to get them. I would not buy from a place like that as they could be selling knock-off brands, which could even be harmful to your eyes. Who knows? The paint could have lead in it or other kinds of toxic chemicals. Only buy name brand colored contact lenses.

Before you make your appointment, you should first gather up all the necessary forms and rebates for your free pairs of contacts. Do this by finding links to the websites of manufacturers of these contact lenses. You want the manufacturers that make the best brands of colored contacts.

Try Different Colors!

The great thing about getting them for free and using the free trial samples of colored contacts is that you get to sample the different colors that are available. You do this by ordering a different color with each brand that you try. Some popular colors would be blue, gray and green / hazel. People that have skin that’s darker colored usually go with green color contact lenses because they look really great on them. Others usually try blue or gray. I think I like gray the best on me or a color that’s between blue and gray.

This is the fun part, so check out all the different colors of contact lenses that are available. If you and your friends all want to try and get free colored contacts, then we suggest that each get your own lenses. Do not share them with each other since this can lead to eye infections, even if you try to clean them very well with contact lens cleaning solution. Be careful!


After you get your contact lens prescription, you can then take advantage of the free colored contact lenses offers that are available. Try different brands and colors – it’s up to you. Take notes about how you like each brand so that you make the right decision.

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